Unplugging from the

Religious Matrix


Many years ago I felt that the King James bible had all answers for all questions. In the end I realized how wrong I was. The Bible only hints at other information concerning the bigger picture, and we are then forced to go to other areas seeking knowledge. Most Christians today are locked into a religious matrix where the Bible becomes a gate keeper of knowledge and it's gates are locked so that the Bible becomes the answer for all things. Anything concerning the paranormal is explained as being "demonic" and thus the subject is dropped. Followers of King James tend to sit back and have Paul explains all mysteries to us in his endless philosophizing known as the Epistles of Paul. Paul editorializes the Bible for us but never draws from deeper wells as the Apostles do. Add to this the fact that scholars have included all the writings of Paul while at the same time ignoring more important and deeper books like the book of Enoch, other writings of Peter, as well as many other sacred books. Note too that the controversy over whether or not Paul was in fact an Apostle who replaced Matthias is a debate that has raged for centuries.

The book of Enoch (among many others) is a book that that is often rebuked and seen as occultic, yet a lot of the Bible draws from it and Jesus himself quotes from it. For a very long time it cherished by both Jews and Christians alike until it was banned from the public and all known copies at that time were burned. It is a deeper well to draw from but is shunned by the Christian world and replaced by Paul's ideas of what scripture really means. What I am saying is that the Bible has been censored in order to keep Christians dummied down. Many Christians believe that this is not true. They believe the King James Bible is the only perfect word of God and that King James was a righteous man before God who is often elevated to sainthood in some minds. This type of thinking is very dangerous and ignorant of the intense spiritual war taking place all around us. We are at war and the fact is Satan is allowed to win some battles from time to time.

Though the King James Bible is a good, it is also can be deceptive. Here is just a few examples. We have all been taught from the Bible that in the Garden Eden there was a snake. The fact of the matter is that there was no snake in the Garden. The KJV says that the earth was "created" yet the proper translation is that the earth was re-created. We are told that to be saved we must be born again which implies a choice must be made. Yet when you go to the original language, Jesus says that we must be (past tense), born from above in order to be apart of the Kingdom of God. In other words one has to be predestined from birth to enter into the Kingdom of God and chosen before the foundation of the world was even created.

These examples given above can all be verified with the use of a good concordance such as Strong's. I have just given only three examples of many mistranslations of the KJV Bible. Think of it. With just these three examples, they overturn a lot of what we have learned from the religious Matrix that is meant to keep us spiritually blind and dependant upon Matrix Pastors to lead us to so called truth.

Do you desire the truth of Jesus Christ? Then grab your Bibles and a good concordance and do the research. All languages tend to loose a lot of their true meaning from being translated, so one has to go to the original language to capture the full meaning. If you want to be entertained then go to church. If you desire to learn about God, then go to your Bible.

If you do the research you will soon come to realize that that King James was an Illuminati and that the Bible was created for and by the Illuminati. In fact the King James Bible will be used to prove that the antichrist is the true Messiah and God which is the ultimate deception. Many Christians have the wrong idea that Satanists have nothing to do with the Bible. The fact is that they know the Bible better than the majority of Christians do. They are also trained to go into the Churches and use the Bible to deceive.

Dozens of books of scripture were rejected and had been left out of the government issued, approved, and sponsored Bible known as the King James Version. Though it is is a good Bible, it is deceptive and made to prove the authenticity of the antichrist and the establishment of institutionalized churches. All deeper books have been left out. Why is because spiritually educated Christians pose a great threat to the development of the new world order of Satan's kingdom on earth. Christians have been trained to go to church and never question their Pastors that are part of a matrix hierarchy that do not allow free thinking and exploration of scripture.

What has taken place is that Christians have become part of a religious feel good matrix. It is an artificial spiritual reality that dummies down and blinds its prisoners to the truth. All free thinking is shunned and replaced with warm fuzzy concepts of scripture and Christ. Today people want to escape from reality and do not want to find it. They want their sports, TV, and movies. Church is no exception. Churches have now become entertainment centers for shallow. One can even go to church today for a taste of the latest fashions and and music.

The Bible should be a tool in which we use as a guideline for greater spiritual truths. Many Christians today want to get beyond the "love of Jesus" and wish to know how to deal with real life. Those answers will never come if you remain plugged into the religious matrix of deception.

I dearly love the books of John, Peter, and Jude since they draw from a deeper well, but they only open up more questions and one then needs to go else where in order to try and find additional information. The book of Enoch is a great place to start. Some say it isn't the word of God because it was rejected by the King James' hired theologians. What I suggest to people is to read it for themselves. With help of the Holy Spirit, they can decide for themselves if God speaks to them though it or not. They certainly do not need a group of men from a religious matrix to decide for them! This is part of the free thinking process that the churches stand against and fear the most. So many Christians walk around saying, "My Pastor says...My Pastor believes that..." Pastors today are treated like Gurus and holy men from the mountain tops whose teachings can never be questioned or challenged. Yet the Bible says to test the spirits to see if it is of God.

Once you unplug from the religious hierarchy of the matrix, you will be accused of heresy. You will lose your friends, and in the end your church will suggest that you leave for good because you are too negative. You will find that you will not be able to talk to people as before since they will not listen to what you have to say. They will avoid you at all costs. You may even be told that you are going to go to hell.

"Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake." Mat 5:11

It is not just the churches that are part of the Matrix, but the entire human society. There is an entire realm of physics that is never taught in school. With the knowledge of real physics, Christians would be able to understand God and the Bible far more clearly than ever before! But this knowledge of energies is hidden from us and only given to the higher levels of the secret societies around the world.

Christians are taught never to seek out knowledge of how this universe operates because it is seen as being witchcraft. Subjects like the Hollow Earth, pre-Adamic races, Pre-flood Atlantis, the Nephilim, aliens, hybrids, clones, etc. are all off bounds if you are plugged into a church Matrix. If you discuss it with other members of your church, you will be told that it does not relate to the love of Jesus and His salvation.

God gave us brains so that we could not only seek Him out on a spiritual level, but also seek him out through science and learning. The churches demand that we never grow and just focus on the "love of Jesus" and salvation, and to keep coming back every week to give more tithes and offerings. Science and God was never meant to be separate! All creation and science is meant to show us the glory of God and His Son Jesus Christ. They both are meant to go hand in hand with each other. Also God never created the Matrix of institutionalized church.

"And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues." Rev 18:4


I have had many letters from people wanting to know what Bible they should get that is properly translated.The King James is good, but just do not take it on face value because a lot is lost in the act of translating. You need a Strong's or any other good concordance. Then you see what the Bible is really talking about. Do a web search for Strong's Concordance.

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