Anthrax, “Cipro” and Martial Law:
Rome’s Final Conspiracy Against America

The Following Chart Reveals:

 Satan’s World Capital,

Where the Throne of the Papacy’s Deified and “Infallible”

 Universal Monarch of the World Resides,
The Sovereign State of Vatican City

Directed by the Superior General of the Society of Jesus,

The Black Pope,

Through His Chain of Command
Over Select Oath-Bound Individual Papal Knights
And Select Oath-Bound Individual Shriner Freemasons,
Including Their Most Willing Pawns,

 Both Jews and Gentiles,

 Serving The Archbishop of New York’s

 Council on Foreign Relations,

 It Coordinating the Individuals and Corporations
Composing the Military/Pharmaceutical Industrial Complexes
Behind the Great American Anthrax Paranoia,
Falsely Blamed on Supposed Islamic Agents of Osama bin Laden
Resulting in the Poisonous “Cipro” Anthrax Vaccination
Enforced by the “Office of Homeland Security” and thus,
The Final Destruction of Calvinist Constitutional Liberty,



The mass production of Military Grade Anthrax by the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC), its curator being CFR member Dr. Joshua Lederberg, Nineteen Shipments of which were sent to Freemason Saddam Hussein of Iraq from his brother Freemason George H. W. Bush, prior to the Gulf War, after which the American Troops who were given the Anthrax Vaccine developed “the Gulf War Syndrome”; 


The mass production of the alleged Remedy Drug for the Ames Strain of a bacterial Anthrax Infection (contracted by either Breathing or Touching highly concentrated, silica-impregnated and electro-statically charged airborne Anthrax Spores) — the slow poison, government-mandated antibiotic called “Cipro” manufactured exclusively by Bioport Corporation whose principal investor is a Saudi Arabian businessman and personal friend of the Bin Laden Family Dynasty, Fuad El-Hibra-a.  Bioport is also financed by The Carlyle Group, its Chief Executive Officer being a CFR member, a former Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, a former Chairman of B.D.M. having been one of the nation’s foremost Defense Contractors until purchased by the CFR’s TRW in 1998 being an even larger Vatican-controlled Defense Contractor, a former Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan and one of Cardinal Egan’s Knights of Malta, Frank C. Carlucci.  Additional investors within The Carlyle Group are the Bin Laden and Bush Family Dynasties along with another CFR member and former Secretary of State under President George H. W. Bush, Roman Catholic James A Baker, III, who, according to John Loftus and Mark Aarons in their masterpiece, The Secret War Against the Jews, (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 1994) p. viii, publicly declared:

            “F____ the Jews…they won’t vote for us anyway.”

Thus, the Pope’s fascist Carlyle Group, headed by Knight of Malta Frank C. Carlucci, is  pro Islam and anti Jew just like its forefather, I. G. Farben, headed by a German  Knight of Malta Hermann Schmitz, who in turn heavily financed the Jesuit General’s Nazi Third Reich. This CIA-created health crisis, addressed by the use of a CIA-produced toxic remedy drug, will make billions of dollars for the Vatican’s International Banking Community while continuing to annihilate the execrable race of American “Heretics and Liberals” using “the (pharmaceutical) poison cup” pursuant to the Jesuit Oath; 


The creation of the Anthrax Paranoia induced by the New York Archbishop’s Trusted Third Party, the Council on Foreign Relations, using the Holy Office of the Inquisition’s Central Intelligence Agency to oversee the production of highly concentrated Anthrax Powder (1 Trillion Spores Per Gram) by one of its biological weapons contractors, Battelle Memorial Institute Labs under the direction of the Black Pope’s Inquisitional International Intelligence Community, two of its scientific members being Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov (KGB), and Dr. William Patrick, III (CIA),


The Central Intelligence Agency’s circulation of letters and packages, overseen by its Director and CFR member, George J. Tenet, through the United States Postal Service and other commercial carriers having been contaminated with highly concentrated and meticulously refined, Silica Borne, Anthrax Spores justifying the creation of Fascist Martial Lawour final coup d’etat – through the Congressionally approved USA PATRIOT Act — the Jesuits’ favorite form of absolutist government.  Further, Jesuit corporate fascism always favors and finances Islamic Extreme Militarism evidenced by the dictatorships of Spain’s Jesuit controlled, Jew-hating Francisco Franco (having used millions of Moslem troopers to destroy the pro-Protestant Spanish Republic during the late 1930s), Italy’s Jesuit controlled, Jew-hating Benito Mussolini (who, under the guidance of his Jesuit confessor, Tacchi Venturi, outlawed Protestantism, deported Jews to Auschwitz and gave military aid to Saudi Arabia’s King Ibn Saud in 1932; the Duce was also awarded “the Sword of Islam” while titled “the Defender of Islam” by Libya in 1937), and Nazi Germany’s Jew-hating homosexual drug addict, Adolf Hitler (who was in league with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem).  This means that the Black Pope’s CFR-controlled, corporate fascist absolutist tyranny now established within the Papal Caesar’sHoly Roman” Fourteenth Amendment American Empire created in 1868, will ultimately persecute the Jews, murdering millions, with only a remnant escaping back to the Black Pope’s Zionist Israel for their final attempted annihilation by the Satan-possessed Antichrist.  The Jesuit General will then use the Moslem Arab Peoples of his Islamic Empire against the Protestant and Baptist Americans even as the Moslem Turks were used to massacre the Orthodox Armenians in the 1890s, as the Moslem Arabs were used to massacre the Roman Catholic Spaniards in the 1930s, as the Moslem Turks were used to massacre Lutheran Germans in the 1940s, as the Moslem Arabs were used to massacre Jewish Palestinians in the 1940s and as the Moslem Albanians were used to massacre the Orthodox Serbians in the 1990s, in fulfilling the Jesuit Order’s evil and wicked Council of Trent.  Further;      


The creation of America’s Office of Homeland Security to enforce the Black Pope’s fascist martial law and carry out massive roundups of enemies of the state designated by the “Red and Blue Lists, the OHS utilizing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Guard, headed by a Roman Catholic Papal Knight and former Governor of Pennsylvania, Thomas Ridge;


The coming American Anti Jewish Fury ignited by the Jesuit General’s CFR-controlled Masonic Jewish Zionists, being the enemies of the risen Son of God’s beloved Jewish Race, while operating in highly visible positions of wealth and power, having openly contributed to the Order’s destruction of our White Celtic-Anglo-Saxon Race, our Protestant and Baptist-Calvinist Biblical Worship, our King James Bible-based Public School System, our Constitutional form of limited government, our highly advanced, inventive, prosperous, productive and refined White Civilization, having sprung out of our former Reformation Culture which has now been Africanized, Bastardized, Mongrelized and Paganized during the Order’s Second Reconstruction for the last fifty years;


The coming mass murder of “Heretics and Liberals” pursuant to the Black Pope’s Council of Trent, they being American Protestants, Baptists, Patriots, Conservatives, Foreign Refugees, supposed Islamic Terrorists, and ESPECIALLY JEWS, in domestic concentration camps established in 1984 under the code name of “Rex (King) 84” by America’s greatest political traitor having recognized the Devil’s Sovereign State of Vatican City, President Ronald Reagan, who was continually managed by the late John Cardinal O’Connor’s Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, the late Knight of Malta William J. Casey


Chart of Papal Conspiracy:
Anthrax, “Cipro”, and Martial Law
December 16, 2001

The Black Pope

Peter-Hans Kolvenbach

Superior Jesuit General

The Society of Jesus

The White Pope

Karol Wojtyla

The Papal Caesar

Pope John Paul II

The Archbishop of New York

Edward Cardinal Egan

“Archbishop of the Capital of the World”
Military Vicar Over:
The American Branch of the Knights of Malta
The Knights of Columbus
The Masonic Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree

New York City’s

Council on Foreign Relations

Shriner Freemason Peter G. Peterson, Chairman
Shriner Freemason David Rockefeller, Presider
Shriner Freemason Henry A. Kissinger, Presider
Shriner Freemason George H. W. Bush, Presider
Knight of Malta Alexander M. Haig, Presider
Knight of Malta William F. Buckley, Jr., Presider
Knight of Malta Frank C. Carlucci, Presider
Jesuit Joseph A. O’Hare, Presider

Freemason Jesse L. Jackson

National Security Agency

Condoleezza Rice, Presidential Advisor

CFR Member

Central Intelligence Agency

George J. Tenet, Director

Presidential Advisor

The Holy Roman
American Empire

Bush Family Dynasty
George H. W. Bush
Ex Director, CIA
“Christian” Freemason

CFR Member 

The Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia

Bin Laden Family Dynasty
Osama bin Laden
Contract Agent, CIA
“Islamic” Freemason

  The Bush and Bin Laden Dynasties
Being Mutual Investors In:

The Carlyle Group

Frank C. Carlucci, CEO (left)

Knight of Malta, CFR Member
Ex-Deputy Director, CIA

George H. W. Bush, Investment Advisor

Shriner Freemason, CFR Member
Ex-Director, CIA

James A. Baker, III, Investment Advisor

CFR Member

Ex-Secretary of State Under President George H. W. Bush

The Carlyle Group
Investing In:

Bioport Corporation

(The Nation’s Only Manufacturer
of an Anthrax Vaccine Called “Cipro”)

Robert Myers, CEO

Admiral William J. Crowe (Retired)

Investment Manager
Ex-Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

CFR Member


Bioport Corporation
Working In Conjunction With

Battelle Memorial Institute Jefferson Labs

Dr. William Patrick, III

CIA Biowarfare Scientist
Anthrax Expert

Dr. Kanatjan Alibekov

KGB Biowarfare Scientist
Anthrax Expert


Both of these wicked men, Patrick and Alibekov, worked together
in developing the unnatural
Ames Strain of Anthrax
(one trillion spores per gram)

being unprecedented throughout the world


This analysis has been taken from the special report
“Could the Anthrax Mailings Be Military-Industrial Espionage?”
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, espionage.html,
Books available from, 1-888-508-4787.



        With the CIA overseeing Battelle’s development of a military grade of Anthrax while simultaneously supervising Bioport’s manufacturing of the toxic antibiotic drug “Cipro” as the remedy for anthrax infection, the CIA Bush Dynasty has now blamed CIA agent Osama bin Laden and his Islamic terrorist organization, al-Qaeda, secretly working for the Black Pope’s International Terrorist Network.  This CIA High Treason has justified the President’s creation of the Office of Homeland Security and the passage of America’s final coup d’etat, the USA PATRIOT Act. 


In conclusion, the Archbishop of New York, Edward Cardinal Egan, employing the Council on Foreign Relations, his “trusted third party” (in the words of Jesuit General Ignatius Loyola), attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center and a portion of the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.  This High Treason against the American People was blamed on supposed Arab terrorists, none of whom were on any of the four ill-fated flights.  This in turn has justified President George W. Bush’s present war on Islamic terrorism, beginning with the Taliban which destroyed the Black Pope’s opium crop and refused to allow Unocal Oil, managed by CFR George P. Shultz and CFR Henry A. Kissinger, to build a pipeline through Afghanistan. 

In furthering the Black Pope’s plan for the destruction of American Calvinist Constitutional liberty, Archbishop Edward Cardinal Egan’s Council on Foreign Relations, employing his Central Intelligence Agency, created a highly concentrated form of Anthrax using his Military Industrial Complex.  It was then released through the United States Postal Service. The resultant national paranoia was then blamed on innocent Moslems, further justifying the Pope’s Middle East Crusade and domestic Martial Law in the eyes of a deceived populace. The Cardinal then put forth a toxic remedy, the antibiotic drug “Cipro”, intending to shortly mandate its consumption by every American citizen, further weakening our immune systems in anticipation of our coming Sino-Soviet-Moslem-Cuban Invasion. 

The Archbishop has used the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon along with the contrived Anthrax Paranoia to justify the creation of Martial Law throughout the United States, which includes the establishment of the Office of Homeland Security (now in command of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the National Guard), secret military tribunals and the opening of hundreds of concentration camps established in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan.


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