Who Is the BEAST?

He will arise on the scene after chaos and war as a man of peace. He will claim to be all things to all people, an Ascended Master, Messiah, God, great teacher, man of peace, one qualified to be the sole leader of a world government. The Bible calls him a Beast. Because that is what he really is.

Some claim he will ascend to earth in a myrad of UFOs, for the whole world to see his arrival.

Who Is the "BEAST"? If you have his mark, you must suffer the
seven last PLAGUES! Is he a mysterious superman world dictator
yet to appear? ... Is he the Antichrist? ... or a government? ...
or a church?

THE MOST important question of the hour is: What, or who, is the
BEAST, the IMAGE of the beast, and the MARK of the beast spoken
of in the book of Revelation?
     Whatever this weird beast -- whatever the baffling IMAGE --
whatever the mysterious MARK -- it behooves you and me to find out!
     For it is those of this very present generation who shall be
worshiping this beast or his image, or shall have received his
mark, that will suffer the unspeakable torture of the SEVEN LAST
     Ignorance will not excuse! "My people are destroyed for lack
of knowledge," says the Eternal, in Hosea 4:6. And the
illustration of Ezekiel's watchman shows that those who are
unaware, because they are not warned, will suffer just the same.
(Ezekiel 33:6; and 3:18.) God expects the spiritual leader of His
PEOPLE to be His "watchman" (Ezekiel 33:7) and to warn the
     The time is at hand! The plagues of God's WRATH will soon be
poured out, unmixed and undiluted -- FULL STRENGTH -- upon a
heedless, God-defying world, and a careless, lukewarm,
indifferent Christianity!

                  Who Shall Suffer the PLAGUES?

Listen! John in Revelation describes the last, final, warning
message. "If any man worship the BEAST and his IMAGE, and receive
his MARK in his forehead, or in his hand, the same shall drink of
the wine of the WRATH OF GOD, which is poured out without
mixture." (Rev. 14:9, 10.)
     Listen again!
     John, carried forward in vision into the terrible "day of
the Lord," sees these plagues beginning to fall! "And the seven
angels came out of the temple, having the seven last
plagues ... and the first went, and poured out his vial upon the
earth; and there fell A NOISOME AND GRIEVOUS SORE upon the men
which had the MARK of the beast, and upon them which worshipped
his IMAGE!" (Rev. 15:6 and 16:2.)
     Every sign tells us these things will happen, plunging the
world into the most frantic, frenzied state of anguish ever
known, almost certainly WITHIN A MATTER OF A FEW YEARS!
     Those who suffer the WRATH of Almighty God are described as
those who worship the BEAST, or his IMAGE, or have his MARK.
     It is futile to try to imagine, as so many are doing, what
the mark of the beast may be. Too many are trying to speculate in
their imaginations. But God says, "My thoughts are not your
     We can't work this out in our minds. We are face to face
with a stern reality, not an imaginary fairy tale! There is ONLY
ONE WAY to learn the Truth. That is, to study carefully,
cautiously, prayerfully, with an open mind yielded to and guided
by the Holy Spirit, ALL the testimony of ALL the scriptures that
bear on this question.
     We cannot determine what the MARK of the beast may be, until
we have learned what, or who, the BEAST is!
     For, of course, the mark is the beast's mark. WHO, WHAT
then, is the beast?

               The Bible DESCRIPTION of the BEAST

The beast, the image of the beast and the mark of the beast are
all described primarily in the 13th chapter of Revelation.
     Notice carefully this BIBLE description:
     "And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise
up out of the sea, having SEVEN HEADS and TEN HORNS, and upon his
horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy."
     "And the beast which I saw was like unto a LEOPARD, and his
feet were as the feet of a BEAR, and his mouth as the mouth of a
LION: and the DRAGON gave him his power, and his seat, and great
authority." (Rev. 13:1, 2.)
     Now most of those who are teaching and preaching to others
on these subjects overlook entirely this DESCRIPTION. For this
description will IDENTIFY the beast.
     If the beast is some mysterious superman, or antichrist,
soon to appear as world dictator, he will be a peculiar-looking
individual indeed, for he will have SEVEN HEADS, AND TEN HORNS!
Have you ever seen a man with seven heads, and ten horns growing
out of one of his heads? And did you ever see a man who was like
a LEOPARD, and can you imagine a superman coming who will have
the feet of a BEAR, and the mouth of a LION? And will he appear
by coming up out of some OCEAN?
     Now these, of course, are all SYMBOLS. The very word beast
is a symbol. And our problem is to INTERPRET the symbols, for
they stand for real, literal things. And when we know what the
heads and the horns are, what the feet of the bear, the mouth of
the lion, and likeness to a leopard all MEAN, then we can know
what, or who, the BEAST really is!

                     The IMAGE of the Beast

Now this great church, which is a twofold government, deceived
it (Rev. 13:14) -- that is HOW this church deceived people.
     What is an IMAGE? The dictionary says a "likeness," a "copy,
representation, model, semblance, counterpart." So here is a
great CHURCH saying, "Let us make a MODEL, or counterpart, of the
civil Roman GOVERNMENT" -- for that is what the BEAST is -- a PAGAN
     Jesus Christ proclaimed the KINGDOM, or government of GOD --
divine government by will of GOD and by GOD'S LAW -- not paganized
human government by will of man and man-made laws. His Church
includes all Spirit-begotten saints who have and are led by the
Holy Spirit. Christ is its only HEAD, and His Kingdom is NOT of
this world!
     WHERE, then did human CHURCH GOVERNMENT derive its present
     "The first pope, in the real sense of the word, was Leo I
(440-461 A.D.)," says the Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological,
and Ecclesiastical Literature, Vol. 7, page 629. To him the form
of GOVERNMENT of the Roman Empire was the most marvelous thing on
earth. It became an obsession. He applied its principles to the
CHURCH, organized the church into a GOVERNMENT, forming the
     Says Myers' Ancient History: "During the reign of Leo I, the
Church set up, within the Roman Empire, an ecclesiastical STATE
[government] which, in its constitution and its administrative
system, was shaping itself upon the imperial MODEL."
     This CHURCH GOVERNMENT, then, according to this historical
authority, is in fact a MODEL, a COUNTERPART, AN IMAGE of the
BEAST which is the Roman Empire GOVERNMENT.
     The Britannica calls it an ECCLESIASTICAL WORLD EMPIRE!
     This IMAGE -- man-designed and man-ruled church government --
compelled people to WORSHIP THE CHURCH! And since the church was
organized into a worldly government, this was worship of the
IMAGE -- FALSE worship -- IDOLATRY!!
     But this church became a MOTHER, and DAUGHTER CHURCHES came
out of her, in "protest," calling themselves "PROTESTANT." And
ALL have worldly, political CHURCH GOVERNMENT. "Upon her forehead
HARLOTS" (Rev. 17:5). Her daughters are called "harlots."
Together, they are called "BABYLON." They are pagan, teaching
pagan doctrines and customs, cloaked in the NAME of Christianity!
And ALL NATIONS are deceived!
     Yes, human-organized CHRISTIANITY, not Bible designed
spiritual-organism government, is the IMAGE of the BEAST. It is
the pagan political COUNTERFEIT of God's government.
     "COME OUT OF HER," God says (Rev. 18:4). God help us to


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